5 Perks of Being a Tall Man

Being a tall man isn’t so bad. Sure, it’s often hard to find clothing that fits us properly. And sure, sleeping anywhere else but in our own beds can be an uncomfortable experience (unless other people have a California King bed, too!). And suuuure, we can sometimes be a little bit less agile and more accident-prone due to our bodies having a larger surface area and greater kinetic energy…

But you know what? Being a tall man has some perks, too. Scientifically-proven and all that.

  1. We’re smarter.

At least during childhood anyway. A University of Chicago study found that taller children score higher on cognitive abilities. It also suggests that better nutrition as kids contributed to our height development. Thanks, mum.

  1. We’re seen as capable leaders.

Height assigns us positive associations of authority, charisma and confidence. Case in point: Jason Momoa a.k.a Khal Drogo that sexy giant. That could be why a large percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs are usually taller than average. There have also been studies showing that greater height can predict better social skills and self-confidence.

Not a great view of societal bias (short people can be capable too!), but it’s a pretty useful privilege. With great power comes great responsibility…?

  1. We earn more.

Studies have found a positive correlation between height and additional earnings: at the 75th percentile of height for example, we can earn around 9-15% more than those at the 25th percentile — those 4-5 inches shorter. This has been linked to the societal biases mentioned in the last point, so it probably won’t work if you ask for a raise based on your height. But try using your better-than-average social skills and self-confidence! 😉

  1. We’re happier in life.

In various studies, the greater the participants’ height, the higher they scored on tests measuring happiness and enjoyment of life. That, of course, might have to do with higher earnings and the positive biases mentioned above.

  1. We do better in the dating game.

There’s a reason some men list their heights on their Tinder profiles. Height is seen as an attrative quality. Ask a woman around you what kinda guy they’re looking for, and more likely than not, “tall” will probably be part of their checklist. So that’s one thing we don’t have to think about when asking a girl out.

Granted, these are all correlations – our height doesn’t necessarily cause any of these good things. But it looks like we’re better off being tall. (Won’t stop us from complaining the next time we have to squeeze into your tiny car though.)

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