Australians Are Getting Taller!

Did you know that Australian’s are getting taller? In fact, Australian men and women are growing faster than you probably imagine. According to ABS (2012) data, Australian men grew 0.8cm on average between 1995 and 2011-12. For women between the same two points in time, the growth rate was 0.4cm. Interestingly, 10 percent of Australian

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California King vs. King vs. Super King

Question: "What is the difference between a King, Super King, and a California King in Australia?" Answer: In Australia, a 'King' sized mattress measures 183cm x 204cm (W x L). An Australian 'Super King' sized mattress is the same length as a 'King' (above); however, is an additional ~21cm wide. Until came along, these two sizes [...] Continue reading »

How Big is California King Bed?

In Australia once you pass a single bed, there are 3 main bed sizes: Double Bed- 188 cm x 138 cm (LxW) Queen Bed- 203 cm x 152 cm (LxW) King Bed- 203 cm x 193cm (LxW) You, like us may have noticed that the longest mattress gets is 203 centimeters. For those of you have slept in a King [...] Continue reading »