What is the Best Sleeping Position?

Ah, that age-old question – what is the best sleeping position? Ever wake up with mysterious pains in your back and wonder if it’s just another unfortunate side effect of growing old? Fear not! It’s a common problem, especially when we accumulate long-term strain on our back from sitting in front of screens the whole day. Yep,

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6 Tips to Stay Cool During Summer Nights

Ah, summer. Cold beers on airy rooftops, tanned (or burnt-to-the-crisp) skin, beach barbecues, sweaty pits…… Are you Googling, “is it ok to wear thongs to the office” yet? No? Just us? At peak heat, the night doesn’t offer much relief. According to research, the optimal temperature for sleep ranges from 15 to 20 °C. If you’re [...] Continue reading »

It’s getting hot in here….

During these 41 degree C days and 35 degree C nights, we find out what is the most comfortable mattress for summer. One study of 22 thousand people (SLTD, 2015) found that higher-density memory foam beds are two to three times more likely than lower-density memory foam beds to trap body heat. Similarly, all-latex mattresses

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