Why Do We Grow Taller in the Mornings?

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but it’s a proven fact that we grow taller by 1-2 cm in the mornings, though by the time night comes, we’re back to our normal height.


The short answer: sleep and gravity.

While you’re sleeping, our spine is relaxed as there are less forces compressing it. Fluid then diffuses into the 23 discs that are in between our vertebrae in the spine, increasing each disc and thus our overall height.

During the day as we go about our activities the discs in our vertebrae become compressed again from the Earth’s gravitational forces – returning our height to normal.

Conversely, the lack of gravity in space means that astronauts can gain up to 5 cm in height. If cramped plane rides are already a special kind of hell for us tall people, we’re thinking we’ll give up on any aspirations for space for now…

grow taller? no thanks

Some articles might list a few ways to hold on to that meager bit of height throughout the day (anything to be able to put 177 cm on your OkCupid profile rather than 175). But if you’re reading this on California King Beds, you’re likely a tall person who doesn’t need that extra bit of height.

So here are our top tips if you do not want to grow taller:

  1. Forget good posture – slouch as much as you want! Avoid, for example, yoga or Pilates classes, which build up your core and have been to known to improve posture, increasing your height by up to 2 centimetres! I mean, jeez. You don’t grow taller and you save on a $200/month membership. Win-win, really.
  1. Avoid lying down, which releases the compression in your disc and allows you to grow taller. Heck, maybe you should avoid sleeping altogether. You can sleep when you’re dead, amirite? Embrace the gravitational forces (pun intended) compelling you to stay up to watch Netflix, maybe go for a night run, or engage in some 2 a.m. sexy times.
  1. Do as much physical activity as you can. Like we said, as you go about your day—walking, sitting, working, exercising, bending, lifting—your spine will be compressed, decreasing your height. Keep moving.

Yes, okay, the first two tips are definitely not great for your health nor scientifically sound. They will probably also decrease your lifespan. Bad health and possible back problems OR temporarily increased height by a full 2 centimeters? Yeah, it’s a tough choice.

Really, it might just be best you continue to give your spine some good rest and rejuvenation. Hopefully with one of our California King Beds. 😉

In any case, it’s likely you’ll shrink as you grow older – as you age your discs decrease in fluid content. Smaller disc = less height. So sleep well, live long and prosper, and reap the benefits of becoming less of a giant as you grow older.

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