How to Keep Warm in Bed

The age-old question: How to keep warm in bed? Snuggle weather is here — and there’s not much better than crashing in bed after being out in the cold, but sometimes we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night because it’s too cold.

It seems that Australia tends not to have well-insulated buildings.  In addition to your choice of heating system, choosing the proper bedding is essential to keeping warm at night.

Your Quilt

Down and wool quilts are two of the most common ways to keep warm well into winter. If you like a heavier quilt, opt for wool quilt. Wool is the heavier option; perfect for that bundled up, cuddled up feeling. It also adjusts to the temperature of your body during the night.

Down are light and soft but provides great warmth for the coldest temperatures. 100% down is often expensive — there are usually down quilts that are made in combination with synthetic material or feathers. Feathers will add weight to the quilt, so pay attention to the percentage of down to the other materials. As for us: we’re partial to doonas made with duck feathers!

Lastly: there is a large range of synthetic quilts, available in different weights and materials to suit different seasons. But be careful of the materials used if you have any allergies.


Flannel sheets are the way to go if you want a warm upgrade. At the same time, for other kinds of sheets, a good rule of thumb is that the higher the thread count, the better heat retention.

Other Options for How to Keep Warm in Bed

  1. A hot water bottle: There are ready-made ones with insulation that you can simply fill with water and microwave. Alternatively, an easy home solution is to boil some water and pour it into a temperature-safe bottle. Wrap it in a cloth if it’s too hot – then keep it by your side in bed for warmth.
  2. Electric blanket: Want to save some money on central heating? Invest an electric blanket. Have it on before you sleep, and before turning out the lights and dozing off, turn it off. Place regular blankets on top to retain the heat as you sleep.
  3. Did you know? Reverse cycle air conditioners are more cost-effective and power-efficient in the long run than electric heaters — though of course, they’d be more expensive to buy than a small heater.
  4. The science is a little dubious on this… but we’re a fan of wearing socks in bed for warmth. The fluffier the better, obviously.


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