What is The Size Difference Between A California King and Super King?


“What is The Size Difference Between A California King and Super King in Australia?”


Sometimes all these names are confusing, right? Don’t feel bad! We get bed-size related questions all the time!

We believe that they’re difficult to remember because the numbers are unique and the names are so similar! This is made worse by the fact that dimensions change around the globe!

It is for this reason it is important to have information that is consistent with the region you live in. After all, haven’t we all had some difficulties purchasing online when the measurements are way off!

Within Australia, however, a ‘Super King’ sized mattress measures 203cm x 203cm (W x L). Yep, it is a square biscuit!

Conversely, a California King sized mattress is 183cm x 213cm (W x L). That is approximately 10cm of extra room (vertically) for your head and feet. Alternatively it is 10cm of extra room for your partner’s head & feet!

The California King Bed Mattress has MORE LENGTH than a Super King, King, Queen or Double! Pair that with the fact that has free Australia-wide delivery on all orders above A$1,000.

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Happy shopping!

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